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SCCA Sanctioned Autocross Solo Racing

SCCA Solo Event

SCCA Solo Racing!

So I went to my first SCCA solo event on November 22, 2009, at Dicks Sporting Goods arena parking lot. It was amazing to see the variety of cars and talk to their associated unique drivers. The course is laid out with a challenging series of S turns, Straights and Sweeping turns. The courses are unique to each event and are laid out using orange cones, which at times can be a little bit of a challenge to follow. It was exciting to see some of the High Performance cars, sitting in the starting grid! I then wondered to myself, was this going to be high powered and adrenaline pumping event that I had walked into? Well the answer is yes! Walking around and talking to all the very friendly people and of course asking plenty of questions, I then found out what SCCA solo events were all about!

Honda Civic SI engine

Solo events are high speed time trials; they may be run at race tracks, parking lots or airport runways. Cars are technically inspected in accordance with SCCA rules according to what class there in. Only one car is allowed on the track at a time making this sport very fun and safe. Driver’s license and SCCA Membership are required for racing. Classes and rules vary from sanctioning body to sanctioning body, but typically the majority of competitors run lightly modified or unmodified (stock) vehicles. SCCA classing, which is also adopted by many independent clubs, has a variety of stock classes which range from super stock cars like the Corvette Z06 and Lotus Elise, to H stock for Honda Civics And Mini Coopers. The Stock classes allow very little change from how the car was originally manufactured, most items that can be changed are the normal wear items (Filters, Street-legal tires, Shocks/struts, Ignition wires) Just beyond stock, there is Street Touring and Street Prepared classes which allow mild modifications, such as those to suspension (wheels, springs, shocks), external engine parts (intakes and exhaust manifolds), and interior (replacement of seats, not removal).

Starting Grid!

There are usually classes for purpose-built race cars imported from other series (including Formula Fords, Formula Atlantics, Formula 500s and vehicles similar to American oval-track stock cars) but most autocross cars are based on production cars. The fastest autocross cars are purpose built “specials” (A modified in SCCA Solo) with small lightweight bodies, sticky tires, wild wings, powerful engines and short gears. While their top speeds are typically limited by gearing, their transient cornering capabilities far exceed those of vehicles not expressly designed for autocross use.

For further information visit the SCCA website

Rating: ★★★★

1 comment to SCCA Sanctioned Autocross Solo Racing

  1. Harv Arnold
    December 3rd, 2009 at 2:29 PM

    “high speed” is a relative term. I Dick’s Parking lot events I have never hit 50 mph yet but with the cones the you must weave through coming at you at that speed, precision driving is the key and fast thinking. For those of you who want to sample thios, SCCA allows you to purchase a one-day membership (I think that it is $12) and on top of that you have to pay for the event ($40 maybe). All you need is a helmet (they even have loaners for 1st timers and cotton clothing. They will tell you what your numbe is for the day and what class you will b competing in and upply some blue masking tape to put these numbers and letters on both sides of your car. Now strip out anyhting that is not secured down (like floor mats) and tyou are ready to go.