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Redline Time Attack, Home of the 1000hp imports!

Cricket NSX

Time Attack is a new twist on one of the purest forms of motor sports: time trials. The phrase “time attack” has its roots in Japan, where the sport remains very popular to this day, and as is the case with many automotive trends (sport compact cars, drifting, etc.), time attack events migrated to the United States in 2004.

Time Trial events have been held for well over 100 years, however, time trial just isn’t as “sexy” as Time Attack.(Neither is Super Lap Battle for that matter……)

Redline has upped the ante when it comes to time attack and time trial events in North America. Our rule set and mindset would lend many motor sports enthusiasts to compare time attack to “Run What Ya Brung” drag racing…. but with braking and turning!

Time Attack has a very loose set of rules for each of the four Classes (Enthusiast, Street, Modified, Super Modified) that become increasingly more open as you progress your way up from Enthusiast Class to Super Modified Class.

Time Attack is an excellent way for a driver and their machine, to work as one, and determine who is the fastest on a given road course on a given day in a given set of conditions. The Clock Doesn’t Lie! There is no judging, there are no gimmicks, there is no playing favorite. Whoever records the fastest time, WINS! It is very simple.

The Redline Time Attack Series is the only professionally organized and promoted automotive racing series dedicated to the motor sport of Time Attack in North America. It is not uncommon for our larger events to surpass 100 racer entries and surpass 3000 attendees. The sport is growing very steadily, and rapidly.

The United States has a very long history of supporting sports car and road racing. However, the younger generations (Gen X, Gen Y, etc.) have largely been ignored and alienated by the existing sports car racing series (SCCA, ALMS, etc.).

The newest crop of enthusiasts and participants are largely “not welcome” or not interested. It’s completely different with Time Attack though! The cars seen on the track are built by, driven by, tuned by and showcased by companies and individuals the fans and enthusiasts know and can relate to.


Redline Time Attack has taken a different approach than the “status quo” racing series. We have opened our arms to the enthusiasts and allowed them to interact in ways that no other racing series allows. The same enthusiast watching the Professionals race on Sunday, could have participated with their car, on the same track, that Saturday as part of our High Performance Driving Event.

The paddocks are open, the garages are open, drivers and teams are friendly and approachable. Events sanctioned and promoted by Redline are the future of sports car and road racing events in the United States. Yes, that is a lofty statement. But it is backed up by the last 5 years of phenomenal growth, support from the industry and an ever increasing fan base.

Redline has a number of “game changing” plans in the works for 2010 and beyond. The Series is under new ownership, and lead by Series Co-Founder and President, Nikolas Malechikos, supported by Jackson Stewart, who brings nearly 30 years of professional motorsport experience to the table. Join us as we make road course racing exciting again!

For More Information on the Redline Time Attacks click here: Redline Time

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