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Land Rover Recalls 2010 and 2011 LR2 SUVs for Faulty Airbags

Models built between November 12, 2009 and August 23, 2010 are being recalled.

The 2011 Land Rover LR2, which will face competition from the new Porsche Cajun in the next few years, has been recalled for a faulty air bag.

Land Rover LR2 SUVs from the 2010 and 2011 model years are being recalled for a problem with the driver’s frontal airbag. The Land Rover LR2 recall affects SUVs built from Nov. 12, 2009 to Aug. 23, 2010. A fault in the car’s airbag system may cause the driver’s side front airbag to malfunction and not deploy as intended. The NHTSA says that 2,956 Land Rover LR2 models are being recalled to fix the potentially dangerous defect.

The NHTSA says that the shorting bar clock spring may have become disconnected when the airbag module connector was installed at the factory, which could cause the airbag of the Land Rover LR2 to either deploy wrong or not at all, increasing the chances of an injury during a crash, according to Autoblog.

Land Rover will begin the recall of the LR2 on or before Dec. 13. Land Rover will install a spacer in the clock spring harness connector, which will ensure that the airbag functions properly. Land Rover dealers will perform the recall free of charge.

Owners of Land Rover LR2 models affected by the recall will be contacted by Land Rover, but owners who have any questions can reach the company at 1-800-637-6837 or the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236.

J.B. Automotive’s owner designed an built really cool race cars!

Bonsey, MR. Bonsey!

ST. PETERSBURG — If most people drove past J.B.’s Automotive on Central Avenue across from Haslam’s Book Store without knowing about the shop or its owner, there’s probably a good reason for that.

Most people don’t drive cars made by Lamborghini, Ferrari or Rolls-Royce.

Nor do many people try their luck at amateur auto racing, a sport that poses physical and economic hardships without making anyone rich.

Yet between high-end car owners and racing aficionados, owner Jim Bonsey prospered. He designed and built open-wheel race cars of his own invention, 18 of which he sold.

At the time of his death last week, Mr. Bonsey was nearly finished with a new design — a poor man’s race car he planned to build himself at a fraction of the cost.

Now that future is uncertain. Mr. Bonsey, a quiet man who thirsted for speed, died Nov. 16, six days after he collapsed inside a Walgreens store. He was 57. The cause of death is unknown.

He opened J.B. Automotive in 1979 and quickly established himself as the high-end mechanic of choice. Clients included well-known race car driver Augie Pabst; ex-jewel thief and security expert George Feder; and musician Roger McGuinn, who co-founded the Byrds.

But Mr. Bonsey didn’t go into business to fix other people’s cars. He wanted to build cars, then push them to run faster than anyone else’s. If he wasn’t driving at Florida tracks from Key West to Daytona Beach, he was running full speed up Chimney Rock Mountain in North Carolina, needing just two minutes to get from the bottom of the mountain to the summit.

Or racing at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, or Road America in Wisconsin.

After nearly every test run and nearly every race, he challenged his teammates with the same question: “Do we need to make it faster?”

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CHEVY VOLT: rated 93 mpg on electricity w/o gas, 37 mpg on…

Powered by electricity without being tethered to electrical outlets.

The Chevrolet Volt has gotten its EPA mpg ratings:

The equivalent of 93 miles per gallon (mpg-e) in combined city and highway driving while running on electricity alone.

37 mpg when running on juice from its onboard gasoline-powered generator.

Those will be the figures on the Volt’s window sticker when deliveries of the plug-in car begin next month. The Volt is priced at $41,000, though buyers may qualify for an up to $7,500 federal tax credit.

Earlier this week, the Nissan Leaf all-electric plug got a window-sticker rating of 99 mpg-e for combined city and highway driving. The Leaf has no onboard generator and Nissan estimates its range, subject to variables such as climate and drivers’ habits, at about 100 miles and then the car must be plugged in to recharge.

The Volt can go 25 to 50 miles on electricity alone, also subject to variables, then a 1.4-liter gasoline engine kicks in to provide juice for the electric motor, making its range the same as a non-electric car — a capability General Motors has advertised as eliminating “range anxiety.” To electric car purists, however, that makes it not a fully electric car.

The ratings means potential buyers needs to look closely at their driving needs. Owners who can do much or all of their typical daily driving on electricity and plug in at night will get stellar mileage. But if they needs to use the gas-engine generator much of the time, a conventional (and cheaper) hybrid, as well as several regular gas-engine (and much cheaper) cars would provide similar fuel efficiency.

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Hertz Global EV Partners With CODA Automotive(TM)

PARK RIDGE, NJ, Nov 22, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — In the news release, “Hertz Global EV Partners With CODA Automotive(TM) to Bring 100% Electric CODA Sedan to Fleet in 2011,” issued earlier today by The Hertz Corporation /quotes/comstock/13*!htz/quotes/nls/htz (HTZ 12.37, +0.43, +3.60%) , we are advised by the company that the quote in the fourth paragraph should be attributed to “Mark Jamieson, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, CODA Automotive,” rather than “Kevin Czinger, Chief Executive Officer of CODA Automotive,” as originally issued. Complete corrected text follows.

Hertz Global EV Partners With CODA Automotive(TM) to Bring 100% Electric CODA Sedan to Fleet in 2011

Hertz Meets Another Benchmark in Creation of Global Eco-Mobility System

PARK RIDGE, NJ — November 22, 2010 — The Hertz Corporation /quotes/comstock/13*!htz/quotes/nls/htz (HTZ 12.37, +0.43, +3.60%) , the world’s largest general use airport car rental brand, today announced a joint partnership with CODA Automotive, a car manufacturer that specializes on all-electric vehicle, to bring, in 2011, its new four-door, five-passenger all-electric CODA Sedans(TM) to Hertz’s California locations as part of the Hertz Global EV program.

“Hertz’s partnership with CODA Automotive is another element of our long term strategy to provide consumers with electric vehicle access on a global scale,” said Mark P. Frissora, Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “As we continue to build out our EV and PHEV infrastructure, we get closer to making electric vehicle travel an everyday reality.”

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2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Tows Maximum at High Speeds!

Ford F-Series is the best-selling vehicle (for 28 years straight)

Press Release:

  • 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost™ “hero engine” runs for 24 hours at Homestead-Miami Speedway as another demonstration of the durability of the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ truck engine arriving in early 2011
  • 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost pulls a trailer with two NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford Fusions weighing 11,300 pounds at full throttle around the site of NASCAR’s Ford 400 season finale, Homestead-Miami Speedway’s 1.5-mile oval
  • Top speeds of nearly 100 mph were attained, with the 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost pounding out average speeds above 80 mph with the fully loaded trailer
  • Go to to see more on the test as well as videos on how the EcoBoost truck engine endured the equivalent of 150,000 miles of harsh customer use in the dyno lab and worked at a logging camp before the NASCAR test
  • Up next is a towing challenge where the 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost takes on the best the competition has to offer. Finally, the same EcoBoost truck engine will be raced at the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000

The 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost recently took a roundabout way to demonstrate durability and best-in-class towing capability.

The new truck/engine combination racked up 1,606 miles towing a best-in-class 11,300 pounds while circling the 1.5-mile Homestead-Miami Speedway oval at an average speed of 82 mph. It’s the latest test in a series of web-based documentaries to demonstrate the durability of the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost truck engine available in early 2011.

EcoBoost is fundamental to Ford’s strategy to provide technologically advanced, high-output, smaller-displacement powertrains that deliver uncompromised performance and fuel economy. EcoBoost engines deliver fuel economy gains of up to 20 percent and reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 15 percent, compared with larger, less-efficient engines.

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What to Expect on the next-gen BMW 3-series?

heads-up display and radar safety systems.

The first 2012 BMW 3 Series info has just surfaced the web as the next generation model was caught on camera while testing on the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, the car in the spy photos is heavily camouflaged, but it does seem to be the sedan version. The 2012 BMW 3 Series is expected to hit the showroom floor on the EU market sometime next year, with the USA market following soon. The 2012 BMW 3 Series Touring and coupe will also follow, probably around a year later.

The fact that the 2012 BMW 3 Series prototype has been almost completely covered, may mean that the new generation will have a re-designed front fascia, with new headlamps, grille and spoilers. The hood of the 2012 BMW 3 Series may also show

A huge change for the 2012 car could be the addition of three-cylinder engines to the lineup, according to “Autocar”. Though these wouldn’t likely be seen in the U.S. during the first half of the next 3-series model life, they could eventually make their way across the pond if fuel efficiency and emissions regulations continue to tighten past 2016.

With a single turbo and 1.5L of displacement – effectively half of the current twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine – the cars would be good for anywhere from 150-170hp and 150-220lb-ft of torque, with the gasoline models weighing in lower on the torque scale than the diesel models. Paired with an ultra-efficient 8-speed transmission and more efficient auxiliary systems such as heating and cooling, the next-gen 3-series is expected to deliver some seriously impressive economy.

One of the new advanced EfficientDynamics technologies to make its way into the next 3-series will be a so-called ‘air curtain’. Using a special series of ducts and vents, the system directs air in a manner such that it slips neatly over the wheels, which are normally an area of high turbulence, and therefore energy-sapping drag.

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Mexico’s $80M booming industry: Bulletproof Vehicles

'Looking for protection'

By David Agren, Special for USA TODAY

MEXICO CITY — Carlos Nader drives the congested streets in a bulletproof Mercedes-Benz equipped with pepper spray and a 120-decibel alarm.

He has had bullets bounce off the car and once scared off an assailant by blasting his alarm, which is as loud as a jet engine.

Nader knows his car makes him a target of kidnappers and thieves in a country that has an “alarming” rate of carjackings and ransom abductions, according to the U.S. State Department. In Mexico these days, “everyone’s a target,” said Nader, owner of Protecto Glass International, a vehicle armor company.

A growing number of Mexicans — including many from the middle class — see bulletproofing their vehicles as a necessity and not a luxury.

Nader says the typical customer these days “is a regular guy that works, maybe he has a small business and he’s been approached by criminals to steal his car.”

“You’ll see Hondas, small SUVs … pickups,” Nader said of some of the vehicles arriving at his business.

Extortion is now commonplace in some regions of Mexico. Kidnapping has soared by more than 300% over the past five years and since December 2006, more than 28,000 Mexicans have died in killings blamed on drug-cartel violence.

The violence has sparked a jump in bulletproofing.

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The 2015 Lotus Elise: First Promotional Video!

Lotus just released the first 2015 Lotus Elise promo, after the concepts unveiling in Paris two weeks ago. Together with the new 2015 Lotus Elise promotional clip, the company has also released a few new images of the future generation model. Some of the Pictures are in our sidebar check them out!

The future 2015 Lotus Elise will be priced roughly the same as the current generation model, at around 35,000 GBP. To power the 2015 Lotus Elise, they will use a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine developing 320 PS and 330 Nm of torque. With a low weight of just 1,095 kg, the 2015 Lotus Elise will most probably keep the levels of performance of the current version, or even improve them.

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The 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392: New Levels of Performance!

The 2011 Challenger 392 Inaugural Edition


Launching Off the Line: Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Delivers New Levels of Performance With Loads More Torque, Horsepower and Maximum Handling

October 25, 2010 , Auburn Hills, Mich. – Dodge’s ultimate modern American muscle coupe, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, receives a big boost in horsepower and torque with the introduction of the legendary 392-cubic-inch HEMI® V-8 powertrain for the street. And the product story goes beyond the power rumbling under the hood.

Dodge performance loyalists asked for more power off the line, and the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 answers the call with 470 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque.

That’s 90 lb.-ft. more torque at 2,900 rpm compared with the previous 6.1-liter V-8 engine.

Building on its original mantra of a rear-drive coupe that delivers balance between form and function, the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 also brings world-class ride and handling along with high-performance braking and the latest technology that delivers improved fuel efficiency.

New, highly damped shocks offer a firm ride that maintains the feel for everyday commuting while being fully capable for the more challenging situations. SRT engineers recalibrated the suspension geometry to improve Challenger’s balance, corning ability and steering responsiveness. Quicker steering ratios and new negative camber settings all around dramatically improve Challengers appetite for cornering.

The performance SRT-tuned, fully hydraulic steering system also has been improved with a new, heavy-duty pump and revised gearing to give drivers more direct feel and on-center response.

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UPDATE: The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The first salvo in an effort to restore a product-starved lineup–on May 3, CEO Sergio Marchionne said Tuesday.

Marchionne told an industry conference in New York that sales of the redesigned Grand Cherokee SUV will begin in July.

Chrysler plans to have 100 percent of its existing lineup refreshed or replaced by the end of 2012, as a wave of new products derived from the alliance with Fiat S.p.A. begins to gain strength.

The Grand Cherokee SUV , assembled in Detroit, was Jeep’s second-strongest U.S. seller last year, accounting for about 22 percent of the brand’s volume. The company hadn’t previously spelled out a schedule for the redesigned version.

Marchionne said he is pushing for “an attention to quality that is probably unprecedented in Chrysler.”

“It needs to be flawless–our definition of quality,” Marchionne told the National Automobile Dealers Association/IHS Global Insight Automotive Forum.

In a speech interrupted by a protester shouting about U.S. taxpayer dollars going to Chrysler, Marchionne vowed to repay the loans from the U.S. and Canadian governments. But he said the federally mandated arbitration process for rejected Chrysler dealers has slowed efforts to improve the dealer network.

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Affected BMW Recall for 2010: 348,000 Cars Worldwide


BMW of North America has submitted a letter to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) announcing the voluntary recall of V8 and V12-powered BMW 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, and BMW Alpina B7 models produced between the 2002 and 2010 model years.

In affected vehicles, a small leak may develop in the power braking system, causing a vacuum loss and consequent reduction of power braking assistance. Mechanical braking will still be available to slow and stop the vehicle.

Drivers who experience reduced power braking assistance should immediately schedule a service appointment with an Authorized BMW Center. Mechanical braking will continue to operate on affected vehicles.

Once BMW distributes the necessary replacement parts to Authorized BMW centers, customers with affected vehicles will receive a letter via First Class Mail asking them to schedule a service appointment an Authorized BMW Center. Customers with further questions should contact BMW Customer Relations at 1-800-525-7417 or email

Affected BMW models include: 2002-08 BMW 745i/Li, 750i/Li, and 760i/Li 2007-08 BMW Alpina B7 2004-10 BMW 645i and 650i 2004-10 BMW 545i and 550i