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1932 Ford Tudor Sedan – Hemrod

Ford Sedan 1932

A car named HemRod has to have a Hemi, right? This one is a ’58 vintage 392 with aluminum heads and a set of new Strombergs sitting on a rare quad-carb Cragar intake, topped with a custom, quick-release flip-top air cleaner assembly. Magneto-driven spark runs through wax-coated, laced and braided cloth wiring as does all of the electrical on this hot rod. Custom Pinkee’s-built headers mimic the look of cast-style marine headers with custom spin-out, Curtis-cut plugs. Real hot rods have three pedals, right?! Well, this one certainly does and it’s a custom cable and pulley actuated TKO-600 five-speed churning that Winters quick-change equipped with Ford axle bells, and ’40 Lincoln brakes reside at each corner for era-correct, good stopping power!

Hemrod? That car has a hemi!!!

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