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honda s2000 2009 Review

honda s2000 2009

Honda S2000

It has been confirmed by Honda that its S2000 sports car to be done after the model year 09.

It was in 1999, when the two-seater was unveiled as 2000 model and it was come forward as one of the most favorite sport cars for those auto enthusiasts who wanted to have some polished manual transmission with tight chassis.

Then in 2008, the CR S2000 was added another model that seemed quite inspired from the club racer trim.

During the last ten years, it’s more than 111,000 units were sold worldwide in which 64,000 units were sold only in the US.

OK, so, here’s the perceived wisdom on the S2000: its motorcycle-derived VTEC (Valve Timing and lift Electronic Control) technology creates a dual personality two-seater. Keep the revs low, and you can trundle around town like a myopic Accord driver. Blast the 2157cc engine to its 8000rpms redline, and look out Dale Earnhardt Jr., here I come! The Honda’s zero to sixty sprint time of 5.4 seconds seems to confirm the theory.

The reality is more complex. It’s certainly true that there’s not a lot going on below 3000rpms. In fact, there’s nothing going on below 3000rpms. If you don’t mind driving down the mean streets of your local metropolis in an accelerative dead zone, then fine, it’s a wonderful city car. On the other hand, there’s a brief bit of well-mannered urge sheltering between 3 – 5000rpms. Keep the S2000’s engine on the boil in that narrow power band and you can make perfectly placid progress, with a pleasant oomph aftertaste.

Rating: ★★★★

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