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Honda Civic will not arrive untill 2011

Out in 2011

The Redesigned Honda Civic will not arrive until 2011 According to the latest reports, the next-generation of the Honda Civic will be officially unveiled in 2010 and expected by the dealers in 2011. Like the current version, the new vehicle will be available in two versions, with 3 or 5 doors. The new generation will use petrol and diesel engines but will also offer a hybrid version, powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine with 150 hp. Later, the Type-R version will come showing more than 200 hp.

Usually the Honda Civic gets a makeover about every five years, but this year Honda will shift the cycle. Why? Changing market conditions and tougher fuel economy and emissions regulations will delay the reformatting for one more year.

John Mendel said in an interview with Automotive news: “In general, we are not changing cycles. We change vehicles as need be. The ability to do something based on more current information is better than waiting a full model cycle. Some of that is being able to have the opportunity to change [based on] what you see happening in the marketplace.”

According to him the next Civic will be larger than the current current model, but its exterior has been resized to match the current one a little closer. Also, the Honda CR-V will stick to a five-year cycle, so we will get a redesign model next year.

That’s the good and bad thing about the automotive business and everything else for that matter. A line is drawn and then someone else will come along and erase it to draw the line again. What we don’t understand is why Honda can’t just say, “Hey, yeah, we had to shift the cycle.” It happens guys. It’s not that big a deal. Plus, the Civic is still a pretty good sell for Honda, so the delay probably wouldn’t hurt anyway.

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